SJO/NCJA Rock Solid Event

Feb 25 – 27, 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina – United States

Hi to all and this is BIG NEWS!

The SJO and the NCJA are so excited to invite you to join us for the ROCK SOLID EDUCATION seminars, an incredible, fun fund raising event, parties and an excellent jewelry trade show!

We are all in this together! Let’s make 2023 the best year ever!

This year, it’s all about education…for yourself and your staff and GROWING your business! On Sunday morning, you will experience two of the VERY BEST in our industry! Terry Chandler (President/CEO Diamond Council of America) – Know More and Kate Peterson (President of Performance Concepts) – Know More. They are absolutely incredible and look at their resumes!

Just imagine your cost if you brought training experts into your store. So, BRING YOUR STAFF! Educate your staff. Increase sales in your store!

Join us for the “ROCK SOLID EVENT” that was created for you! Please click on the attachment above. Your staff will walk away with a completed education seminar “diploma” that they can frame and display in the store…and also share their knowledge with other employees (and most importantly, with your customers!) EDUCATION = SUCCESS!

It’s all about “GIVING BACK”… a fun, live auction Sunday night (held by Richard Petty’s Auctioneer) to raise money for VICTORY JUNCTION ( a camp for kids with needs created by the PETTY family). And of course, The Gala cocktail party and delicious dinner to follow.

Here’s a BIGGIE!!! If you are not a SJO member but you are definitely going to participate inthis event, we welcome you to join us on the SJO buying floor (no strings attached)…joinus and if you spend 5K , simply send in your receipts after the show and The SJO will gladly pay for two nights at The Ballantyne! (the 2 nights can be used for you and/or your staff). See you at The Ballantyne for fun, fellowship, education, great vendors, and GROWING your business!

SHARE THE NEWS with your Jeweler Friends!

This is an opportunity you do not want to miss! Oh and did we say FREE?

NOW…simply click here to register for all events. DO IT NOW!

Then click here for agenda and all information!

Building The Foundation For Success In Today’s Consumer Market

Store owner:  ‘What happened with that last couple you were talking to?”

Salesperson: ‘Nothing.  They were just looking.  We had a good talk though – and I’m sure they’ll be back when they are ready to get serious about a ring.”

Sound familiar? The same scenario plays out every day, in just about every fine jewelry store across the country.  But what’s really going on?

FACT: Nationwide, more than 90% of brick and mortar fine jewelry shoppers research online before ever visiting a store

FACT: In most cases, if a customer arrives at your door, YOU are their first choice and they’ve already determined that your store is their best option for finding what they want.

FACT: Although they really are there to buy, they are still very likely to say the same things customers have said for eons:

  • ‘I’m just looking…’
  • ‘Just getting ideas…’
  • ‘This is our first stop…’

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, customer acquisition costs are soaring, and capitalizing on every opportunity is essential.  The good news is that winning customers over, making the sale and cultivating long-term client relationships are all a lot easier to accomplish than most of us think – with the right set of new tools!

In Part 1 of this lively, interactive workshop, you’ll collaborate with your SJO colleagues to discuss and build out key strategies for success in these critical areas:

  • Asking the right questions (spoiler alert:  They’re NOT about product or what the customer is looking for!)
  • Fostering conversation that delivers maximum information in minimal time
  • Building relevant value – identifying the ‘value trigger’
  • Handling objections
  • Closing effectively (it’s easy if you’ve gotten this far!)

Then, while store owners and senior staff head off to the show floor, newer additions to your professional team will spend the rest of the time before lunch in Part 2 of our workshop, in which problem solving will be the order of the day.  This will be their opportunity to raise questions and discuss challenging situations, collecting input from their SJO peers and our highly experienced experts (who have a combined century of history dealing with the villains that most often plague our training efforts:  “Yeah, but…” and “What about…”).